Good To Know – How To Know If It’s Good

How do you know which is the very best tasting cantaloupe and which tomato will be the most tomato-ey? Here’s a guide to helping you decide which piece of produce to select when shopping – whether at the food co-op, a farmers market, or in your own garden!


Don’t peel the husk- instead, feel it to see that the kernels are plump and there are no gaps in the rows. Green and tight leaves are best.


Look for one that is very fragrant around the stem when you smell it. It should feel hefty for its size.


Choose those with shiny and taught skins. Avoid big blemishes and brown spots.


It should feel heavy for its size, and a thump should produce a hollow sound, not a dull thud.


Look for a deep color black and the berries should be firm and plump which equals ready to eat!


Pick one up- it should be aromatic and feel heavier than it looks.


Look for fragrant berries that are evenly sized and have very little white at the top. Steer clear of the super big ones.


A ripe peach should smell peachy good!