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Vegan Veggie Burgers

Summer is the season of barbecues and these veggie burgers are the perfect way to enjoy the summer festivities and maintain a plant based diet. They’re an adequate source of protein while also being anti-inflammatory. Get creative with your veggie burger by adding it to the top of your salad, or sandwich it between a […]

It’s New! Craft & Cork

We are pleased to share our newest seasonal publication with you– the Craft & Cork. You’ll find information about the enjoyment of beer, wine and cheese. It is produced VERY locally, right here in the store! All the products you read about can be purchased here at the co-op. There will be a recipe that […]

Good To Know – How To Know If It’s Good

How do you know which is the very best tasting cantaloupe and which tomato will be the most tomato-ey? Here’s a guide to helping you decide which piece of produce to select when shopping – whether at the food co-op, a farmers market, or in your own garden!   CORN Don’t peel the husk- instead, […]

Nice Cream

Looking for a way to cool down this summer or maybe just a fun festive treat? These July 4th inspired nice cream recipes are sure to do the trick! Refreshing, fun and made with simple ingredients they are sure to be a fan favorite. Vanilla Nice Cream Ingredients: 2 large frozen bananas 1½ tsp. vanilla extract […]

Mushroom and Leek Congee (Vegan and Gluten Free)

Makes 2-4 servings Congee is a rice porridge dish typically eaten for breakfast in China and other Asian countries. Making congee is a simple process. All you have to do is boil a pot of rice and water and simmer the mixture until the rice becomes tender and silky. You can eat congee plain or […]

LOCAL FOCUS Pale Fire Brewing Co.

Tucked comfortably away in the Ice House building across from the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market, Pale Fire Brewing Co. has become a mainstay in the central Virginia brewery scene since opening its doors in 2015. The brewery namesake comes from the novel “Pale Fire” by Vladimir Nabokov, which is an allusion to the work of William […]

LOCAL FOCUS White Oak Lavender Farm

White Oak Lavender Farm is just one of over 150 local vendors the co-op represents. Here is their story. By Guest Blogger- Kaitlin Fee The White Oak Lavender Farm is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and provides a variety of goods and services to the local community. While visiting the lavender farm, you are surrounded by a […]

LOCAL FOCUS Furious Sauces – Hot Stuff!

Furious Sauces are just one of over 150 local vendors the co-op represents. Here is their story. By Guest Blogger-  McKenna Jones Furious Sauces was started in March 2015 by current owners Gloria and James Muia. The idea to start a business came about from a conversation on Christmas Eve in 2014. Both James and […]

Kitchen Promise for Earth Day

Zero waste is a great goal, although a bit difficult to achieve. However, we can all waste less if we put our minds to it. Just choosing one aspect to focus on can be a good way to start. If you’d like to waste less and use more of the food you buy, take a […]