Our Food Co-Op Cares For Our Community.

Our food co-op is excited to announce we are now giving back on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Friendly City Food Co-op is committed to giving back to groups and organizations who contribute to good health and well-being; are helping to alleviate hunger and food insecurity; are committed to sound environmental practices and place a priority on green living.

We accomplish this through sponsorships with local businesses and donations given out through the following programs.


Round Up at the Register

Once each quarter, we’re conducting a Round Up at the Register where cashiers ask our shoppers if they’d like to round up their total (or add extra!) in order to donate to a group that is making a difference in our community. The Round Up recipient will change each quarter. Click here to find out more about Round Up.


Community Fund

We currently accept donation requests from the public for community-based events. Applications must be submitted one month prior to the event. We are happy to provide gift cards (up to a $50 value) or a gift basket (up to a $50 value) for events that align with our ends policy. The ends policy states that the co-op exists so that Shenandoah Valley has: a vibrant local economy, fair and friendly relationships, healthy, informed consumers and producers; and a healthy environment. Click here to find our more about how your organization can apply for a donation.


Give Fresh

Fruits and vegetables are important to a healthy diet, but they are not always within reach of everyone. Whenever you check out at the co-op, you can designate an amount – from $1 and up – to go toward the purchase of local or organic fresh fruits and vegetables for those who may not be able to afford them. Click here to find out more about this program.


Food Pantry Donations

Another way Friendly City is able to give back to the community is through twice weekly donations of food to Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Food Pantry and Mercy House. Click here to find out more about this program.





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