Owner Rewards Points

Get 1% back every time you shop! Ask a cashier or view your receipt to check your rewards total.

Owner Appreciation Days

Save 10% once a quarter during a three-day period in which you shop, and save, on all your purchases.

February 8-10
May 2-4
August 15-17
November 7-9

Owner Extra Coupon

Get something FREE, twice a month!
Find out more at friendlycity.coop under Ways to Save. 

Patronage Dividends

The more you shop, the more you earn. Dividends are distributed annually in profitable years. Read more about them here.

Other Benefits of Ownership:

When you become an owner, you become part of a greater whole. As a Friendly City Food Co-op owner, you’ll see the value in the special discounts, rewards, and perks you receive, but the real value lies in the knowledge that you are supporting local farmers who grow your food. You are also supporting the co-op’s values for sustainability and food accessibility for all.

As an owner, you purchase a share of stock in the cooperative. Currently, we have 2,700 shares sold. This gives you governance rights, including the right to vote in Board of Directors elections – one share of stock equals one vote – and the right to run for a seat on the Board.

Ownership is just $200 per share, and can also be paid through monthly payments of $25 a month over 8 months. As an owner, you are also eligible to receive a percentage of co-op store profit (Patronage Dividends) at the end of each year. There are many benefits to ownership in the co-op.

Are you interested in becoming a food co-op owner? Find out more information and apply today!