Community Fund


At our organic market, we currently accept donation requests from the public for community-based events. Applications must be submitted one month prior to the event. We are happy to provide gift cards ($50 value) or a gift basket ($50 value) for events that align with our ends policy.

The ends policy states that the co-op exists so that Shenandoah Valley has: a vibrant local economy, fair and friendly relationships, healthy, informed consumers and producers; and a healthy environment.


Please take note of the application deadline and make sure to apply at least one month before your event. We will look at donation requests on a case-by-case basis and allocate donations as fairly and equally as possible over the course of our fiscal year so that we may support as many local organizations as we are able. All questions can be directed to marketing by phone (540) 801-8882 or e-mail at


Friendly City reserves the right to donate a balance less than the requested amount. Application deadlines will be strongly adhered to and Friendly City will not accommodate late requests. Recipients must agree to provide us with a photograph of the event, to be used electronically and in print. Please send the photo to


Click here to find a donation application. Please fill it out and return it to us by email, mail, or stop by the store and drop it off.