Our Team Makes Our Organic Market Thrive.

At our organic market, it’s all about the people– the people we work with, the customers who support us, and the farmers and vendors that bring us the products we put on our shelves. People are the heart and soul of Friendly City Food Co-op. From the moment you walk through our door, it is our hope that you will feel right at home. And stay awhile!

<a href="mailto:steve@friendlycity.coop">Steve Cooke</a>

Steve Cooke

The Big Cheese (General Manager) Steve@friendlycity.coop
<a href="mailto:tina@friendlycity.coop">Tina Owens</a>

Tina Owens

Wellness Team Leader
<a href="mailto:brad@friendlycity.coop">Brad Burrow</a>

Brad Burrow

Office Administrator
<a href="mailto:denise@friendlycity.coop">Denise Allen</a>

Denise Allen

Grocery/Meat Team Leader
<a href="mailto:dietrich@friendlycity.coop">Dietrich Ewing</a>

Dietrich Ewing

Produce Team Leader
<a href="mailto:melissa@friendlycity.coop">Melissa Lapp</a>

Melissa Lapp

Deli Team Leader
<a href="mailto:marybeth@friendlycity.coop">Stephanie Andrews</a>

Stephanie Andrews

Front End Team Leader
<a href="mailto:mackenzie@friendlycity.coop">Mackenzie Jenkins</a>

Mackenzie Jenkins

Marketing & Events Team Leader

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