Shop your food co-op! Local and organic food is the freshest and highest quality choice for both our bodies and the environment.

Plus, it tastes better! In our food co-op grocery store, you’ll find ethnic and gourmet foods, ready to eat meals, choices for special dietary needs and things to lift your spirits– including beer and wine! There are plenty of local foods to choose from in every department and every aisle, and truly something for everyone.


Isn’t it about time to clean out all those stale old herbs and spices? Buy a pinch or a pound of your favorites in our wonderful bulk food section. We also have bulk flour, beans, grains, coffee, candies and snacks. Our newest addition is nonfood bulk liquids – stain removers, all-purpose cleaners, and dish soaps. When you buy bulk foods, neither you nor the environment has to pay the extra cost for unnecessary packaging, and you buy only what you need.

Wine – Local, Sustainable, Organic and Biodynamic

Our wine is a selection of local wines and sustainable, organic and biodynamic imports. Currently we have wines from Virginia, California, Washington, Oregon, France, Spain, South Africa, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Chile & New Zealand. Our wine tags are color-coded for local wines, organic wines, sustainable wines and biodynamic wines so you can easily find the type of wine you’re looking for. We also have a modest selection of mead, dessert wines, vermouth, wine-based liquors and sake.

Local and Craft Beer

We have yummy beers and ciders, all from America. A lot of it is from Virginia and outside of that we choose beers crafted with care. Our beer is organized by flavor profile. You’ll find every-day favorites and a few seasonals and special releases. We offer build-your-own 6-packs and a healthy selection of 22oz bottles. Our Virginia ciders are from craft producers, and we also carry organic and other American-made ciders. We have a whole section of gluten-free and gluten removed beer and cider options.


Enjoy our beautiful array of local foods, including fruit and vegetables in season as well as choice selections (many organic) from our trusted suppliers. We feature locally-grown fresh herbs all year long.
The real fun is in trying something you’ve never had before– like Kohlrabi or local Ramps.
Click here for hints on how to best preserve your produce to keep it fresh as long as possible.


We carry everything for your daily needs and then some. Some of our local foods include Shenandoah Valley meats as well as a wide assortment of items on our shelves including jams, honeys, soaps and spices, just to name a few.

Deli & Hot Bar

Our deli offers a unique and delectable selection of local food and international specialty cheeses. We offer freshly made sandwiches and bowls, local hot soup, salad bar, and downtown Harrisonburg’s only hot food bar. Our hot food offering takes advantage of seasonal produce and always incorporates an interesting accent of spices and influences from a variety of cuisines. Currently available Monday-Friday from 11-7pm, it’s a perfect stop for lunch or dinner. Grab and go or relax and enjoy your meal at a table by the front window or on the picnic tables outside.


We carry fresh artisan breads, muffins, cookies and more– all baked in-house or locally by top restaurants and bakeries. We also have great coffee by the pound or by the cup, whether fair trade or produced by our local roasters. Why not stop by for coffee and a muffin, and relax at a table by the window?


We’ve done the homework for you. We choose only safe and wholesome products for our store, from luxurious locally-made soaps and lotions to wholesome vitamins, supplements (including our own Friendly City brand) and cold remedies. We also carry natural baby supplies.

A Healthier Way to Shop

We predict you’ll be back for more after just one visit to Friendly City Food Co-op, downtown Harrisonburg’s community-owned full-service grocery store. You’ll find natural, delicious and local food where everyone can shop and anyone can join. Visit us and see for yourself!

Find out more about our product selection process!

Product Selection Guidelines

Friendly City Food Co-op acquires and distributes food and related goods and services on a cooperative basis for the benefit of its members and other patrons.  The co-op is committed to providing quality products at reasonable prices and to operating at all times in a manner that is fair and equitable to Friendly City members, staff, vendors and to the community.

Friendly City’s priority is to provide:

  • Quality products at fair prices
  • Products with high nutritional value
  • Local and regional products (grown, raised and produced in the Shenandoah Valley or within Virginia)
  • Organically and sustainably grown products whenever available
  • Products available from other cooperative producers whenever possible and practical
  • Whole foods and foods processed with a minimum of chemical additives and sweeteners
  • Bulk food in preference to prepackaged products whenever available
  • Products which are produced using environmentally sound practices with consideration for fair labor practices and the overall effect on people and animal welfare
  • Products which are honestly labeled and packaged
  • Health and beauty care products produced without testing on animals

Our Promise to You

Friendly City Food Co-op endeavors to adhere to the product selection guidelines set out above, simultaneously affirming its commitment to being responsive to the needs of its members and customers. Sometimes, due to customer demand, seasonal fluctuations or market pressures, we may carry products which do not meet the standards set out above. Shop our food co-op today!

Established January 2012