Meet Our Board – Monisha Khanna

Meet Board Member Monisha Khanna!

Years of Board Service:  Four years

Current Board Discussions:  The board is discussing the upcoming Fall 2024 Board director elections. Co-op owners interested in running can expect to see an updated application package in the next few weeks.  Until then, any questions may be directed to Lindsay Martin, Chair of the Nominations Committee:  

Favorite Grab-and-Go Item at the Co-op?

My current favorite grab n go item is the Egg Salad pita. Such a simple item but it reminds me of the time my husband and I spent visiting Japan last fall.

Co-op item I can’t live without…

The co-op item I cannot live without is the cheese section. I love the variety of cheeses available and the basket with the smaller versions so that I can try many different cheeses without always buying the full size amount. The basket of tiny cheese tasters has exposed me to some new cheeses that I would have been reluctant to buy in full size. It’s my favorite section in the store! 

What is a food memory from your childhood?

I remember food and gardening being a huge part of my childhood. Not only was it the shared meal experiences with my family but also the time spent in the garden with my grandparents. We lived in a fairly urban area so having a piece of land where we could grow our own vegetables was very rare. Having our own little garden allowed an appreciation of fresh produce to blossom. This time of year always brings back fond memories spent out in the garden and reinvigorates me to plant my own (mini) vegetable garden.