Why run for the FCFC board?

Guest Blogger: Jason E. Ybarra, Ph.D.

Maybe, like me, when you first joined the co-op you didn’t think much about what happens behind the scenes; but perhaps you were aware that as an owner you help select those who govern the co-op on your behalf. One of the cooperative principles that FCFC follows is democratic member control; that is, member-owners actively participate through electing a board of directors, but also this can include running for a board seat.


Why did I run?

I am currently finishing my first year on the board. I ran because I wanted to deepen my investment in the co-op. For me the co-op is not just a grocery store, it is an organization that reflects my values of sustainability, investment in the community, buying local, and environmental stewardship. I was motivated by the desire to serve in a capacity that leverages my expertise and experiences. As a scientist and educator, I continuously evaluate information, assess procedures, think forward, and make informed decisions. It is these skills that I wanted to bring to the board.

So far, the experience has been very rewarding. My fellow directors are a group of wonderful, kind,  conscientious, and talented people that love their co-op as much I do. We work closely and cooperatively to ensure the co-op is meeting its ends policies – and have fun at the same time! I have enjoyed the satisfaction of contributing to the overall success of the co-op.


Why should you run?

Maybe you never considered running for the board, or maybe just gave it a passing thought. Let me ask you the following questions: Do you have a unique perspective, talent, or set of experiences? Do your values align with those of the co-op? Are you interested in helping the co-op thrive? Do you have experience working closely with like minded individuals toward a set of common goals? If you answered yes to these questions, you should consider running!


How to run

Perhaps the first and most important thing to do when considering running for a board seat is to find out how the board operates. The best way to do this is by attending the August board candidate information session, or attend the public session of any regular board meeting if you’d like to learn more and possibly run for the board next year. Hope to see you there!

Have more questions about running for the board? Feel free to email us at board@friendlycity.coop


Jason E. Ybarra
FCFC Owner and Board Director
Assistant Professor of Physics, Bridgewater College