A Co-op’s Response to the Loss of Curbside Recycling

We’re all hearing about more and more area cities and towns, besides Harrisonburg, who are eliminating curbside recycling. There are many contributing factors, including everything from China’s refusal to continue to accept America’s trash to a greatly reduced need for recycled glass. These factors have resulted in a stressed recycling market that is leaving cities nationwide in […]

Spicy Potato Chip Breaded Oven Baked Chicken Tenders (serves 4)

Crushing potato chips to use as breading creates a panko-like texture that is perfect for breading chicken tenders. Brine: 1.5 lbs chicken tenders 1 ½ c buttermilk ¼ c hot sauce 1 tsp black pepper ½ tsp garlic powder ½ tsp onion powder 1 Tbs salt 2 Tbs spicy brown mustard 2 eggs Breading: 2 […]

Local Vendor Profile – Rt. 11 Potato Chips

At their essence, potato chips contain three ingredients: potatoes, oil, and salt. They’re one of America’s favorite snacks year after year, and the crowded market reflects that: countless flavors and varieties, too many brands to count, massive marketing campaigns, and more. So how can a small producer hope to compete? How do they set themselves […]