French Fruit Tart

French Fruit Tart Recipe  You’ve seen this artfully arranged treat in display cases before, but have you ever dreamed of making it yourself? Make your fantasy a reality with our easy-to-follow recipe, and marvel at your culinary achievement. This French classic comes with fresh fruit beautifully arranged atop rich vanilla pastry cream, supported by a […]

Meet Our Board – Paul Griffin

Meet Board Member Paul Griffin! Board Member Name:  Paul Griffin Years of Board Service:  Two Years Current Board Discussions:  The board is discussing and planning for fall 2024 board member elections. Co-op members interested in running for open board seats can expect to see an updated application package in the next few weeks.  Until then, […]

Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush Recipe Bring your favorite middle-eastern takeout side into your own kitchen with this cream and savory baba ganoush recipe. Our version uses baked eggplant, but feel free to fire up your grill for extra smokey flavor. Enjoy it with fresh pita bread, on a gyro, or anything else you’d like. Ingredients: 2 medium […]