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Miso Blood Orange Scallops

Treat yourself and a special someone to delectable sautéed scallops in an orange-miso sauce. Ingredients 1 teaspoon blood orange zest 6 tablespoons blood orange juice (one large blood orange) 3 tablespoons white miso 2 tablespoons mirin (Japanese white cooking wine), or apple juice 12 ounces sea scallops, trimmed 1/2 teaspoon paprika 1 tablespoon olive oil […]

Citrus Salad

Elevate your winter palate with our Citrus Salad! Bursting with peak-season citrus this vitamin C-packed delight is a zesty celebration of seasonal freshness. Don’t miss out on the invigorating flavors—try our recipe and treat your taste buds to a burst of winter goodness! Ingredients: 3-4 different citrus fruits – we recommend grapefruit, blood oranges, navel […]

Sage Bird Ciderworks Old Fashioned

Our friends at Sage Bird really knew what they were doing with this one! Step into the cozy embrace of winter with a delightful twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail. This recipe transforms a timeless favorite by incorporating Long Night, a winter pommeau that adds a rich and fortifying essence to the drink.  Elevate […]

Meet Our Board – Rebecca Golladay

Let’s continue to introduce our Board Members! NAME: Rebecca Golladay    YEARS ON BOARD: 2 years   NEWEST BOARD DISCUSSIONS: Welcoming the newly elected board members, Kristi Van Sickle & Savo Raouf Adams and our returning board member, John Paul Ashenfelter Visioning and strategic planning for the future Continuing the work of equity and justice […]

Sage Bird Ciderworks Golden Hour Cocktail

As the sun begins its descent, usher in the enchanting Golden Hour with a refreshing elixir that effortlessly marries sophistication and simplicity. The preparation is a breeze – a gentle stir to marry the elements, a lemon round delicately run along the glass’s edge, and a final flourish as it joins the elixir. With each […]

Meet Our Board – Paul Griffin

As we move towards the New Year we wanted to continue to introduce our Board of Directors, the folks who help guide the future of our co-op! Read on to learn about board member Paul Griffin! Name:  Paul Griffin Years of Board Service:  Two years Newest Board Discussion:  Recently, we’ve been discussing how our Co-op […]

Sage Bird Ciderworks Apple Pie Sangria

Apple Pie Sangria: This week is Virginia Cider Week, which makes it a great time to try out this delicious cocktail recipe from Sage Bird Ciderworks! Indulge in the essence of autumn with this tantalizing Cider Symphony! Immerse your senses in the crisp crunch of your favorite apples bathed in the golden glow of Long […]

Meet Our Board – Monisha Khanna

Co-op Board Elections are here, but we wanted to give you the chance to digitally meet some of current board members as you gear up to vote for the new ones! Co-op Owners, be sure to vote in-store or online for three new board members. Board elections will run from October 2-30. Learn more here. […]

Meet Our Board – Amanda Presgraves

Co-op Board Elections are fast approaching, and we wanted to give you the chance to digitally meet some of current board members. If you’re a co-op owner and you’re interested in becoming a board member you can find out more information here. Board candidate elections are due by September 25th and elections will be held […]

A Co-op Dozen – Ben Sandel Reflecting on 2011 – Now

Ben Sandel, our first board president, speaking to a crowd at our Grand Opening in 2011.  Twelve years ago today I was nervous. For six years before that I’d been talking to everyone who would listen about how great it would be if Harrisonburg had its own cooperative grocery store. And now they were going […]