Meet Our Board – Paul Griffin

As we move towards the New Year we wanted to continue to introduce our Board of Directors, the folks who help guide the future of our co-op! Read on to learn about board member Paul Griffin!

Name:  Paul Griffin

Years of Board Service:  Two years

Newest Board Discussion:  Recently, we’ve been discussing how our Co-op compares to similarly sized Co-op’s across the nation.  Our store is performing very well thanks to the collective efforts of all the team members!


This is one of my favorite recipes lately:


I, like the rest of you all, tend to reflect on past holiday seasons as the cool weather rolls in.  One memory has a Friendly City Food Co-op connection.  Monday morning of Thanksgiving week, three years ago, our son was hospitalized and given a surprise Type-I Diabetes diagnosis.  As the primary home chef for our family of five for the past 20 years, I was committed to providing him with home-cooked food for every meal during his four-day hospitalization.  Once or twice daily I would scour the Co-op aisles for low-carb, diabetic friendly ingredients.  Upon hearing my son’s plight and of my intention to cook for him, the Co-op staff began to help look at product labels to count carbs and offer suggestions.  One Co-op staff member even offered the time-saving service of personally selecting items and waiting for me at the front check out.  I’m thankful for each team members’ passion for serving the community. 

Speaking of Thanksgiving… It’s my favorite holiday because it isn’t tied to any religious or political event, which can lose meaning or context over time.  Rather, Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude.  Identifying and numbering blessings helps me to be mindful of the good things in my life.  Here’s hoping that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!