Mediterranean Diet

eat-meFor the last couple of decades, many cardiologists, nutritionists, dieticians and the general media have bombarded Westerners to “adopt a Mediterranean Diet.” But what does that mean, exactly? Sopping up slices of baguette with flavored extra virgin olive oil and washing it down with a glass of cabernet? (Okay, I admit – this is one of my favorite unhealthy treats.) There are numerous websites and books that offer the basic ingredients of a Mediterranean Diet, which include the addition of more fruits, veggies, fish, nuts, and olive oil into one’s diet. But, what many of us don’t know, is how to put all the basic ingredients together to make a simple, satisfying and tasty meal the whole family will enjoy.

And the operative word is simple. We Mediterranean women love tasty, filling meals. We do spend considerable time in the kitchen, chopping and preparing the vegetables and meats; but most meals are not elaborately made. Meals are centered round fresh, locally and seasonally sourced vegetables, grains, and more sparingly animal fats and proteins. No one counts the number of vegetables and fruits consumed in a single day – we just eat because they fill us up, they are plentiful, and they will go bad if we don’t.

But, here’s the trick: veggies can be delicious! Flavorful and fragrant, I will teach you how to incorporate some classic Mediterranean salads in your everyday diet.


Claudia Hanna – Guest Blogger

A Harrisonburg native, Claudia Hanna earned a BA in Economics and Foreign Affairs from UVA and an MBA in Corporate Finance from Emory University. She was a management consultant for years before slipping off the power suits and donning flip flops and beach sarongs for a simpler, healthier life in Cyprus. She now publishes her own blog, writes for several nationwide publications, and is working on her first book, Live Like a Goddess: Unleash your Inner Aphrodite. Follow her @Like_A_Goddess and