Liquid Sunshine Mead Cocktail

Mead is easily one of my favorite drinks year-round, but I’ve dressed it up a bit to make this refreshing summer cocktail. Sweet and bright, Liquid Sunshine” earns its name and an invitation to every backyard party or porch-sipping while the warm evenings last. Relax and enjoy the summer sunset with a sip of sunshine in your hand. 



3-4 oz of plain mead (I used Thistle & Stag’s Golden Stag, but you could you any of the meads we carry)

1-2 T fresh lemon juice

4 oz sparkling water or tonic water

Peach slices



Slice your peach and add as many slices as you’d like into a cocktail glass with ice.


Add your lemon juice, mead and sparkling water or tonic water. Stir to incorporate.


Garnish with a peach slice if you’d like, and enjoy your delicious beverage.