What Buying Local Means:

Season'sBountyWith over 8,144 farmers’ markets across the nation (USDA National Farmers Market Directory, August 2013), a 2012 estimate of nearly 6,500 CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) nationwide, and a growing interest in starting farms by entrepreneurs, young folks, and those transitioning out of first careers, buying local from health food stores has never been easier. You can be part of the movement by shopping at farmers’ markets, joining a CSA, or searching out local products at your local grocer or restaurant (and asking them to offer even more!). By doing so you will reap the benefit of knowing your food dollar is doing all it can to keep the local food movement strong.

Reasons to consider buying local:

  • Exceptional Taste and Freshness
  • Strengthen Your Local Economy
  • Support Endangered Family Farms
  • Safeguard Your Family’s Health
  • Protect the Environment

Local vendors include the artisans we purchase our baked goods and cheeses from as well as the farmer’s markets that provide another outlet for our local producers to sell from. Friendly City also serves as a pick-up point for some of our local farms who offer CSA subscriptions – currently, Season’s Bounty, Glen Eco and Radical Roots. We’re proud to connect local producers with you and share the wealth of talent and resources Virginia offers.

Some of Our Local Vendors:

Currently, we have over 150 local vendors. We’ve added 24 new vendors within the last year.  In addition to local fruits and vegetables, we currently carry local coffee, honey, buckwheat flour, popcorn, ice cream, prosciutto, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, corn tortillas, tofu, milk, butter, candles, face creams, lotions, soaps, lavender products, bee pollen, music CDs, cookbooks, gift cards, cheese, barbecue sauces, cereal, apple sauce, jelly, salts, herb blends, canola oil, salsa, wine, beer, vinegar, cookies, potato chips, granolas, doughnuts, breads, sandwiches, soups, chocolate, eggs, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and more!

Listed below are just some of the local vendors we have the pleasure to work with.

Local Farmer’s Markets

We are committed to using our local vendors – come by soon and see for yourself how many wonderful local products we carry in our health food store!

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