Cambozola Black Label

Cambozola WEB December’s Cheese of the Month crafts the perfect combination of smooth triple cream brie and tangy, salty Roquefort. If you aren’t familiar with a cheese matching that description, then you should be sure to try the Cambozola Black Label that just hit the co-op shelves at the end of November. If you have heard of Cambozola, you may be wondering how the Cambozola Black Label is different. To make the Black label, the already delicious Cambozola is aged even longer to develop the grey mold you will see on the rind. This adds another level to the flavor combinations already at play. Allowing the Black Label to take more time to ripen greatly enhances the flavor and texture of the entire cheese.

Cambozola Black Label comes from Germany and is produced by Käserei Champignon. They are a family owned company that has been crafting fine cheeses for over a hundred years. Their quality standards are very high and they only use the best quality milk from local dairy farms. No preservatives or stabilizers are added to the milk, so their cheeses retain nutrients and a full flavor.

Cambozola Black Label pairs well with darker beers such as porters and stouts, or if you like wine this cheese goes very well with a glass of pinot noir. This cheese will be delicious spread on a piece of crusty French bread, and you can even add a little drizzle of honey to bring in the perfect hint of sweetness. But don’t be afraid to try it in other ways like spread across a grilled steak or mixed into a salad dressing.

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