Cheese of the Month

Prairie Breeze WEB Prairie Breeze is a sweet cheddar with lots of flavor. Its texture is crumbly yet creamy. It’s made with vegetarian rennet and no added color and aged for 9 months.

Prairie Breeze is produced by Milton Creamery in Southwest Iowa. The farms and creamery are a result of a dream to help the local community by creating jobs while also crafting a wonderful cheese with art and passion.

Pair Prairie Breeze with local Ox-Eye Vineyards Pinot Noir 2012, straight from our valley. This cheddar is also excellent in a asparagus quiche using our local, no spray asparagus. You can also enjoy it simply by itself – on sale through June 30!

Open Daily 8am-9pm

Map to the store
150 E. Wolfe St. Harrisonburg, VA
(540) 801-8882
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