Own It.

There are lots of good reasons to be an owner of the co-op – and you may be surprised at some of them.

A co-op has a unique ownership model – it’s a different kind of business in which no one person owns more than anyone else. Each person (or household) owns a share. The co-op is driven by the shared values of its owners – the way it runs its business as well as the good it does for its owners and the community.

Co-ops do local best – there are fewer degrees of separation between you, who grows your food and who controls access to the food.

Co-ops are considered progressive – working for the re-creation of our local food system, supporting small farmers, advocating for fair treatment of workers, and for transparency.

You don’t have to be an owner to shop at the co-op, because everyone is welcome. But, if you are an owner, you can take pride in the fact that you are a part of something bigger – something you have a say in, and something that is an invested part of your community.

You get financial benefits as well. There are store-wide discounts on special days, rewards accrued just by shopping, coupon books which are mailed to you, discounts or free admission to Co-op Learning classes, and annual patronage dividends in years when the co-op makes a profit (subject to board approval).

You also have the chance to run for a seat on the Board of Directors, and/or to vote in elections. As an owner, you may also choose to attend monthly board meetings.

You can find out more about the many benefits of ownership on our website, or by speaking with a team member when you are in the store. We’d like you to consider becoming an owner because we think you’ll agree – the greatest reward is in knowing you are supporting your local farmers and producers, and your community.