Apply now to run for our Board of Directors

If you’re an owner and have an interest in guiding the future of the co-op, please fill out an application and submit it before September 22, 2019. Qualified candidates are concerned with access to good, nutritional and local foods for all; living in a cooperative community; and living sustainably in order to have a thriving planet to live on.

The Food Co-Op Board of Directors

As an owner of the food co-op, you have governance rights, including the right to vote in a Board of Directors election and the right to run for a seat on the Board. If you are interested in running simply fill out and return this application. The staff runs the store and is overseen by the General Manager, who is hired by the Board, and reports monthly to them on progress towards achieving goals and upholding values of the co-op.

Current Board of Directors

Julie Jenkins – President
Lindsay Martin – Vice President
John Paul Ashenfelter – Treasurer

Aniko Safran – Secretary
Noel Levan
Jason E. Ybarra, Ph.D
Allie Emerick
Jennifer Walsh

If you have questions or comments for the Board, please contact them at

Friendly City’s Ends Policy

Friendly City Food Co-op exists so that the Shenandoah Valley has: A vibrant, local economy; Fair and friendly relationships; Healthy, informed consumers and producers; And a healthy environment.

Friendly City’s By-Laws

Click here to view or download our by-laws. Contact us to learn more about our food co-op.