LOCAL FOCUS Furious Sauces – Hot Stuff!

Furious Sauces are just one of over 150 local vendors the co-op represents. Here is their story.

By Guest Blogger-  McKenna Jones

Furious Sauces was started in March 2015 by current owners Gloria and James Muia. The idea to start a business came about from a conversation on Christmas Eve in 2014. Both James and Gloria grew up in entrepreneurial families, so they wanted to start something they were passionate about.

“When Gloria realized both of our dishes were covered in hot sauce, she said to me during dinner, ‘We should start our own hot sauce business.’ Little did we know that our passion for making hot sauce was literally staring us in the face!,” James said.

 Their initial goal was to create a unique blend of hot sauces that do not overpower the taste of the food, but keep the heat lingering. Gloria and James spent five months crafting five hot sauce recipes to launch the company. They named them the “The Fury 5”.

“The initial feedback we received from friends and family on our final recipes was very positive and that’s when Gloria and I knew that we had finally found the right blend of spices and taste for our sauces,” said James.

The duo’s most popular hot sauce is Dragon’s Smoke (ghost pepper), while the Volcano Sunrise (Mango-Habanero) comes in second.

“Our Dragon’s Smoke hot sauce has the perfect amount of heat with an amazing smoky flavor,” James said. “It’s perfect for grilled steaks, burgers, barbecues, pork, eggs and much more. Our Volcano Sunrise hot sauce is fantastic on chicken wings, pizza, burgers — just about everything!”

James said that his favorite part about this job is the sauce development and creating new sauces that the public has never tasted before. For Gloria, her favorite part is going to events, selling the sauce, providing tastings for customers and meeting new people.

“We use ingredients that no one would ever think to try to create an amazing blend between both heat and flavor,” James said. “As a business, you can never stop innovating, so we plan to continue creating new award winning hot sauce”.


Hot sauces for sale:

Golden Elixir (Maple-Habanero)

Monstera’s Agony (Pineapple-Habanero)

Volcano Sunrise (Mango-Habanero)

Angry Assassin (Habanero)

Dragon’s Smoke (Ghost Pepper)

Sinister Craze (Raspberry Chocolate Reaper)


Honors received:

Volcano Sunrise – 3rd Place (HABANERO) – The Scovie Awards (2017)

Dragon’s Smoke – 3rd Place (SWEET) – The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards (2017)

Dragon’s Smoke – 1st Place (SUPERHOTS PEPPER-SPECIFIC) – The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards (2017)

Dragon’s Smoke – 1st Place (SAVORY) – The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards (2017)

Dragon’s Smoke – 2nd Place (SMOKY) – The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards (2017)

Angry Assassin – 2nd Place (SAVORY) – The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards (2017)