Chocolate Smoothie Bowl (Vegan)

By Tiffany Wu– Makes 1 Serving On a hot summer day, this rich and creamy chocolate smoothie bowl is the perfect treat to cool down with. With only three wholesome ingredients, you can enjoy this smoothie for a healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert. I have found that using frozen bananas is the key to achieving […]

Veggie Pasta

With garden surpluses and beautiful vegetable picks at the Food Co-op, produce is abundant in late summer. Veggie Pasta is a resourceful way to make a highly nutritious meal using some of the sweetest vegetables out there. I picked up a few vegetables of different colors for this recipe: green zucchini, purple onion, and red, […]

Asian Peanut Noodles (vegan and gluten-free)

By Tiffany Wu–  Makes 4-6 Servings Growing up, my mom always used to make her delicious peanut butter noodles when the weather got warmer. The creamy peanut sauce combined with crisp veggies always made for a satisfying meal. This dish reminds me of my childhood and is so simple and easy to make. Bragg’s liquid […]