Ayurveda for Summer Balance

VF01Ayurveda, the art of living daily in harmony with nature, is the mother to all of the world’s healing systems. It is also referred to as the “Twin Healing Science of Yoga” and the roots from which Greek, Persian, and Chinese Medicine originate. Working with the laws of nature by applying even a few Ayurvedic principles in your life can make a profound difference in the quality of your health and restore imbalance to balance through natural, effective, and time-tested methods. For example, the revered Nasal Rinsing or Neti Pot is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy thousands of years old. It safely cleanses the nasal and sinus passages with warm salt water and is now commonly practiced throughout North America.

The main eight branches of Ayurveda include pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, ophthalmology, toxicology, geriatrics, general medicine, otolaryngology, and surgery. Today we recognize these as the central branches of modern medicine. Further, massage, diet and nutritional counseling, herbal remedies, psychiatry, polarity therapy, shiatsu, acupressure and acupuncture, plastic surgery, color and gem therapy, kinesiology, and meditation have roots in Ayurvedic practice and philosophy. Traditionally, Ayurveda was first taught before learning specific Yoga practices and is considered essential to living a Yogic lifestyle.

Ayurveda recognizes that our health is significantly influenced by our unique, individual constitution, as well as external factors such as the changing of the seasons throughout the year. Understanding how to best make decisions in balance with the rhythms of nature through the ideas of Ayurveda can greatly improve our ability to heal, quality of life, productivity, and longevity.


By Whitney Erwin, M.Ed., CMT / Guest Blogger

Whitney is the owner of Four Seasons Harmony- http://www.fourseasonsharmony.com/meet-whitney/ and will be conducting a class on Ayurveda at the co-op on Saturday, June 18 at 2pm.

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